Areas We Cover

Just a short drive away from Bath you can find patchwork fields, green hills and plenty of things to do in the heart of Somerset. Somerset is known for much more than just cheddar cheese, farms and cider… even though we are the cider capital of the UK. Our welcoming nature has meant that more than 11.4 million tourists visit Somerset a year, how great is that! Who could blame our tourists when they can visit ‘The Courtauld Gallery’, a small museum that contains a staggering collection of the world-class art. Or even ‘The Stairs’ a house that contains a remarkable staircase that twists and has lots of unusual combos of straight and curves – even if your event happens to be at the top of these stairs Hog Roast Sherborne are sure to be there.

Here at Hog Roast Sherborne we can provide not only delicious Hog Roasts but also a variety of other meats including fish, beef, chicken and more!  We pride ourselves on being professional, fully trained and experienced in all areas of catering. If you’ve checked out our menus you’ll know that we have an extensive range to offer you and your guests, even vegan and vegetarian friendly meals, if you haven’t checked it out then what are you waiting for! We can also arrange our services to be more laid back with an informal buffet style service or if you’re wanting something more formal then Hog Roast Sherborne staff can provide table service.

Above is a list of locations that Hog Roast Sherborne will travel to! If you’ve scanned through the list and can’t find your event location, then don’t worry, just give us a call or email and our friendly members of staff will see what they can do! Even if you’re at the highest point in Somerset ‘Dunkery Beacon’ or the lowest point in ‘Somerset Levels’ we’ll get our services to you.